What We Offer 

Product and Service Concepts

You need to create new offerings that resonate with what people find genuinely meaningful. We design individual offerings and define strategic roadmaps so you can grow today and over the long term.


Ecosystem Value Maps and Business Models

You have a great technology or product idea. But it’s unclear how to monetize it. And satisfying all parts of the ecosystem is tricky. We can help craft a business model that’s profitable, without alienating your customers or partners.


Opportunity Mapping

Of dozens of directions your organization could pursue, there are only a handful you should. We synthesize needs, trends, future scenarios, and solutions with competitive activity and internal capabilities to create a plan of attack for the most promising opportunity spaces.


Market Entry Strategies and GTM Plans

Drawing customers to new-to-the-world offerings is tricky. And there’s so much out there competing for attention. We use insights about consumers’ real needs, the cultural dynamics of B2B industries, and the characteristics of particular outlets to define how to enter, play, and win.


Adoption Roadmaps and Business Plans

What features will drive adoption? What should we prioritize now versus later? We define the critical areas on which to spend your limited resources, and create actionable, flexible plans for growth over time. Together we’ll build platforms that lead to lasting advantage and long-term success.


Organizational Growth Playbooks

Growing a business isn’t just about growing revenues and user base. It’s about building a healthy company with a strong sense of team. Together, we’ll define methods and systems for growth – both internally and in the marketplace – that play to your organization’s unique strengths.

Case Studies